CCCS Parent-Student Handbook 2017-2018

Christopher Columbus Charter School

916 Christian Street

1242 S. 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA 19147


A Title I School

“Sailing on the Seas of Success!”

Parent/Student Handbook


Christopher Columbus Charter School

Board of Trustees

Mr. Raymond  A. Pescatore

Dr. Jules Mingroni

Mrs. Diane Pirollo

Mr. Herbert Schectman

 Ms. Mary Faustino

Mrs. Adrienne H. Thomas

Mr. Edward Poznek

Mr. Mark Myers


Rosemary E. Dougherty, CEO/Campus Principal

Florence D.A. Doyle, Site Principal

Mrs. Mary Ellen Porsia, Site Principal

Mrs. Maria Grassia, Vice Principal

Mr. Anthony, Elia, Vice Principal

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Christopher Columbus Charter School (CCCS) to provide students in grades K-8 a content-rich, academically rigorous Core Knowledge education with a well-defined, sequential curriculum in a safe, orderly, disciplined and caring environment.  CCCS students will learn to express themselves in at least one international language, and will utilize computer technology to support learning in all major subjects and to become literate in the technologies of the 21st Century. (Original Mission Statement, as presented in opening Charter, 1999.)

Title I Funding

CCCS is a Title I School.  Title I is a federally-mandated program, which provides funding to secure high- quality education for all students.  It encourages all parents to participate in the programs of the schools involved in Title I funding.

Admission Policies

A child who has reached his/her fifth birthday on or before September 1 is eligible for Kindergarten.  A child who has reached his/her sixth birthday on or before September 1 is eligible for First Grade. Please refer to Admissions Policy.

The School District of Philadelphia

Immunization Requirements 2017

All Grades K-12

This table represents a summary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health

And the Philadelphia Department of Public Health Immunization Requirements

For School Entry, September, 2017


  • A Child must have at least one dose of all vaccinations or risk exclusion.

  • A Child may have a documented medical, religious, or philosophical exemption from these vaccinations.

  • Even if exempt, a child may be excluded from school during an outbreak of vaccine preventable disease.


  • Tetanus, Diphtheria, Pertusis                  4 Doses*                      1st dose at/after age 4

(DTP/Dtap/DT/Td/or Tdap*)

  • Polio                                                    4 Doses                        4th Dose at/after age 4

  • OPV/IPV                                                                                   at least six months after previous dose              

  • Measles, Mumps, Rubella                   2 Doses                        at/after age 1 (MMR, MMRV)

  •  Hepatitis B (HBV)3 Doses

  •  Chickenpox (Varicella –MMRV)   2 Doses                     at/after age 1*

GRADES 6 and 7

  • Meningococcal conjugate vaccine          1 Dose                         at/after age 2

  • Tetanus,Diphtheria, Pertusis                   1 Dose                         at/after age 7


  • Meningococcal conjugate Vaccine         2 Doses      If 1st dose is given at age16 or older, only 1 dose is needed to enter 12th grade.

*Only three doses of Td-containing series of vaccine are necessary if series is started on or after age 7, and at least one dose is Tdap.

**Or documentation of immunity by lab test or written statement by parent, guardian, or physician.

If a child does not have required doses, they must within the first five days of school.

  • Receive the next dose, if medically appropriate.

  • Have a parent/guardian provide a medical plan if the next dose isn’t the final dose of the series.

  • Have a parent/guardian provide a medical plan if the next dose is not medically appropriate.               

Children entering 6th Grade must have the following:

  • An updated physical

Medication Policy

No medication will be administered in school except by direct order of the family physician.  Any child who is to receive medication during school hours must have a form completed by the physician with explicit directions as to medication, dosage, time of administration and possible side effects.  No child may bring (aspirin, motrin, etc.) medication to school and administer it to him/herself.  Students MUST bring all types of drugs and treatments to the nurse and all should be administered by the nurse or health technician on duty.

This policy also applies to over- the- counter drugs, ointments, cough drops, etc…  Failure to cooperate with this policy may result in disciplinary consequences.

Medical Appointment

Realizing that on some occasions it will be necessary to leave school for appointments, the following procedures are required:

  • Parents write a note of excuse to the homeroom teacher

  • The student takes the note to the office on the morning of the appointment where it is authorized and initialed by the Principal or Vice-Principal.

  • The student is met in the office by the parent who then signs the child out.  In the event that school is still in session after the appointment, the child should return to school.

  • Should the appointment be in the early morning, the note is presented the day before to the homeroom teacher. Parents much accompany the child to the school office and sign him/her in before being admitted into the classroom.

  • Parents should not make it a practice to request early dismissal on a regular basis.  Children without notes will not be dismissed until regular dismissal time.  NO EARLY DISMISSALS WILL BE GRANTED AFTER 2:45 P.M.

  • Chronic early dismissals are not permitted.  The receptionists are responsible to make the administration aware of any abuse of this policy.

  • Children who leave BEFORE 10:00 A.M. will be considered absent under the attendance policy of CCCS. Children who leave BETWEEN 10:00 A.M. and 1:15 P.M. will be considered absent for ½ day under the attendance policy of CCCS.  Habitual late arrivals and early dismissals will be subject to administrative review. Any late arrivals or early dismissals will be subject to documentation or proof of appointment @ doctor’s or counselor’s office.

Illness During School Hours

If a child becomes ill during the course of the school day, he/she reports to the nurse’s office.  If the child must be sent home, the parents will be notified.  It is imperative that the emergency cards are kept up to date so that a responsible adult can be reached.  The nurse handles situations that occur during the school day – not for lingering illnesses that have been noticed at home.  Please do not send your child to school if he/she is ill.


All parents/guardians who have enrolled students in CCCS MUST provide proof of Philadelphia residence as requested by the school.  Children who attend CCCS must live within the boundaries of Philadelphia at the time of enrollment.


Parents of students transferring from CCCS must notify the principal of the date the child is leaving and the name and address of the school to which he/she is transferring.  Parents must sign a release of records form in order for records to be transferred to another school.

Administrative Procedures

Time schedule

Grades K-5                  9th Street

8:30           Arrival/Morning Schedule Begins3:30           Dismissal

Grades 5-8                  13th Street

8:30           Arrival/Morning Schedule Begins

3:45           Dismissal

No child should be in the schoolyard/cafeteria before 8:00 AM. Supervision will begin at 8:00 AM.

Change of Address

Parents are asked to inform the homeroom teacher and the school office in writing of a change of address and/or telephone number.  The safety of your children is our main concern, and we must know how to reach you in case of emergency.

Absence / Lateness Policy

**** Please refer to the CCCS Attendance Policy.

This policy has been approved by the CCCS Board of Directors, and will be the guideline for student attendance in CCCS.

  • Any student who arrives late to school will have his/her name submitted in the late log for the day, and be sent to the late room in the second half of the lunch period during the same school day as when the lateness occurred.


****Vacations should not be taken during the school year, but should be scheduled during Winter and Spring breaks.  Please note that vacations will be coded as UNEXCUSED absences per the CCCS Attendance Policy.  A copy of this attendance policy can also be downloaded from our school web site.  The amendments to the policy will be given to each family at the time of the compact conference in August.  In keeping with School district policy, the absences for vacations will be coded as parental neglect. They will be recorded as unexcused absences.

Lunch Program

CCCS will have a hot lunch program for the 2017-2018 school year.  Food Services will be provided by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

Instructions will be sent home from the Food Services Program.  Please follow the procedures as requested by the Diocese.

***We ask that parents do not bring McDonald’s, Burger King or any other type of fast foods or cooked, hot food from home for the lunch period.  It is a great inconvenience to deliver these lunches not to mention the disappointment of other children whose parents are not able to treat their child with these special meals.  THESE LUNCHES WILL BE REFUSED AT THE RECEPTION DESK!

School Closing

If bad weather or some other emergency necessitates a school closing, it will be announced on the radio.  Our school number is

#121.  Please listen to KYW – especially if it begins to snow during the school day.  Parents should always have an emergency plan in place should there be a possibility of an early dismissal.

Announcements for inclement weather or other types of emergencies will be aired on TV channels:  KYW, FOX, and NBC. You can also access this information on the CCCS website, the website of the School District of Philadelphia, as well as the KYW website.

Safety Procedures

Walkers – If you are having someone pick your child up, please ask him or her to stand INSIDE THE GATE at the end of the schoolyard.  If your child is walking home, please inform his/her teacher.

Car Riders – Parents are asked not to double-park their cars on Christian Street.  This poses a dangerous situation for our students.  We’ve had a few threatening situations during the past school years where tempers flared and serious words were exchanged.  There are parking spaces close enough around the school for all parents to park.


CCCS does not provide school bus transportation.  Transportation reimbursement is provided through the School District of Philadelphia.  Contact the North Building secretary for information. Ms. McKenna can be reached @ 215-925-7400, ext. 2244.

Fire Drills

Fire drills, required by law once a month, are important to safety.  It is essential that when the signal is given, everyone obeys promptly and clears the building as quietly as possible by the prescribed route.  The route is displayed in each room.  Silence is to be observed during the fire drill.  Students who are not in the classroom when the alarm is sounded will leave by the nearest exit and report to their homeroom teacher at the location specified for his/her homeroom.  Noncompliance with these regulations will warrant a detention.

Communication Policies

Good communication is a vital element of public relations.  CCCS endeavors to keep students and parents fully informed of the events and activities of the school.

A monthly calendar is sent home with announcements of special events, holidays, and early dismissal days.  Please consult these dates carefully at the beginning of every month.

P.A. Announcements

Announcements affecting the student body in general will be made at the beginning and end of each day.  Requests for other announcements should be submitted to the principal for approval in the morning.

VIP/Test Folders

Communication folders (distributed by the school) for very important papers and test papers for your signature will be distributed to each student in his/her homeroom each Thursday.  The monthly calendar with schedule, activities, and newsletter will be distributed the Thursday closest to the beginning of the month.  Parents should ask their child each Thursday for the VIP folder and sign the folder to indicate they have seen it and removed the contents.  Teachers are asked to collect the folders each Friday to see that they have been emptied.

School Telephone

The telephone is to be used to transact school business only.  No student or teacher will be called to the telephone except in the case of an emergency.  Parents are asked not to call school unless it is an emergency.

Students are not permitted to use the phone except with permission from the office and for exceptional reasons.  Forgotten books and homework are not considered emergencies.

 Cell phones must be given to homeroom teachers at the beginning of the day.  Students may not keep cell phones with them during the school day, but may check their phones in with their teachers and the phones may be returned at the end of each day.  Please consult the CCCS Student Behavior Policy regarding this issue.  A student who uses or possesses a cell phone during the school day will be suspended. Parents and Students sign a cell phone policy at the beginning of each academic year. Please consult the policy before signing.

Appointments with Faculty Members

As with any professional, it is requested that parents make an appointment to see their child’s teacher.  A note sent with your child requesting a certain day or time for a conference will suffice.  The teacher calls you to confirm the appointment.

At no time are parents to present themselves to a teacher during school hours or in the schoolyard prior to school or at dismissal.

Appointments With The Principal

The principal is available before or during the school day to meet with parents who request an appointment. Please call the receptionist to make an appointment.  If there is an emergency situation, the principal or vice-principal will make every effort to accommodate you.


The CCCS Curriculum Guidelines are in accordance with the PA Standards for Academics, as represented in Chapter 4 of the PA code.



Children with special needs will be evaluated by a school psychologist to determine if an I.E.P. (Individualized Education Plan) is needed.  If you have questions or concerns in this area, please contact the Special Education Teacher at the appropriate building.

Foreign Language   

Italian will be taught in grades K-8 once a week.  Grading for this subject area will be indicated on the student report card.

Computer Education

Computer Education will be incorporated into the curriculum.   Children in grades 1-5 will be instructed in computer technology once a week. Computer ethics are discussed with all students, and any student violating the specific code of computer ethics may be suspended from school and/or the technology class depending on the severity of the infraction. Any suspension from technology class will result in a failing grade in this subject area for the quarter during which the infraction occurred.  Vandalism of any technological equipment may result in a school suspension.

Books and Materials

Books are to be covered and carried to and from school in a durable school bag.  Children are responsible for their books and will have to pay for any books that are lost and/or damaged while in their care and possession. 

Homework Assignments

Home assignments, both written and study, are essential for the full academic development of the student.  Homework strengthens and extends the learning experience of school.  Parents are asked to check and sign homework and homework assignment books.

The following time allotments are suggested for homework.  These include both written and study assignments:

  • Kindergarten                              20     minutes  

            (This time can be for reading if there are no other assignments given.)

  • Grades 1 and 2                          30     minutes

  • Grade   3                                     60     minutes

  • Grades 4 and 5                          90     minutes

  • Grades 6,7,8                               120   minutes


Standardized testing is conducted at CCCS during the fall and spring of the year. Assessments will be given periodically to evaluate the progress of the students.  Principal’s Tests are given in Grades 1-8 at the end of the each semester.

Report Cards

Report cards are issued four times a year.  The purpose of the report card is to inform parents of the progress of their children and to provide guidance for their growth and development.  Parents are asked to study the report card very carefully, note comments made by the teacher and request a conference if necessary.

Academic Progress can be monitored by parents at any time through the use of POWERschool on the internet. CCCS website provides a login page for parents. Each parent is given a passcode at the beginning of the year.  Teachers update all student entries consistently throughout the year.  Conferences are held in first quarter for all families. Parents should check PowerSchool for evidence of student progress.  Failure notices are sent in the second and fourth quarter.

Retention Notices

In the event that it is necessary to retain a child in a grade, the parents are notified three times during the year, in January at the end of the first semester, in March, and in May.  A series of conferences are held to discuss the child’s progress and the need for retention.

School Library

Using the library is an integral part of the learning process.  All students have access to books and other library materials.  Grades K through 8 are scheduled for library period on a weekly basis.  Library will not be a specific grade on the CCCS report card, but will appear on the report card as a skill within the Language Development Subject area.  Parents share the responsibility of caring for the books the children bring home. 

Students must observe the following rules when using the library:

  • The person in charge must sign out books borrowed from the library at the desk.

  • Books must be returned within the prescribed time.

  • A fine is charged for overdue books.

  • If a book is lost, destroyed or damaged so that it can no longer be used it must be paid for by the student.

  • Quiet, orderly behavior must be observed in the library at all times.

Students who do not comply with this regulation will be denied the privilege of using the library for a period of time.

It is recommended that parents join a local library in order to instill in their children a love for reading.

Field Trips

The use of field trips to supplement instruction is desirable and very worthwhile.  Each class is permitted to attend one trip annually to an educational setting. Preparing for and scheduling field trips is at the discretion of the grade teachers.  Parental permission slips are required for each pupil who will participate in this instruction.  The principal will decide the dress code.  Since a field trip is primarily a learning experience, the time spent is considered part of the normal school day. 

Children who have a U in conduct, or those who have been suspended, may not participate in the classroom field trip. Those children who have “Improvement Needed” may also lose their field trip privileges.  The final decision regarding attendance at a field trip will be at the discretion of the classroom teacher and members of the administrative team.

Children MUST return to school for the remainder of the school day after field trips, regardless of whether or not their parents served as chaperones.  The children MUST remain for the entire school day and may not leave early.  PARENTS WHO DO NOT COMPLY WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO CHAPERONE ON FURTHER OCCASIONS.

Field Trips are not optional.  If a parent chooses for a child not to attend, the student must stay at home, and the day will be logged as an absence.

Hooray For Field Trips!


Dress Code

Students will wear the school uniform from the first day of school until the last day of school.  Students are required to wear the complete uniform everyday. Parents are respectfully requested to comply with these regulations.  The uniform and dress code are symbols of attendance at CCCS.  Uniform inspections will be held on a regular basis.  Please consult the CCCS Student Behavior Policy regarding this issue. 


The boys’ uniform consists of DRESS khaki pants(which should fit-please do not allow the boys to buy pants that are 3 sizes too big), belt, dark blue golf shirt with school insignia (NO JEANS OR CARGO PANTS).  “Dickies” are acceptable as long as they are not 1 or 2 sizes too big!  Boys may wear solid BLACK sneakers, sturdy tie shoes, Timberland boot, or a sturdy loafer with their school uniform.  Platform shoes and other types of fad shoes are not permitted.  Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers are NOT acceptable foot wear under the CCCS dress code.

Boy’s Hair Styles

No fad hairstyles or color dyed hair are permitted.  The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes a hairstyle not in keeping with our dress code.   The principal will issue one warning for hairstyles if they do not meet CCCS standards.  Hair must be out of your child’s face. 

Boys are permitted to wear their hair long provided that it is pulled back – bikers’ cuts are permitted as long as they are trimmed and neat – and not hanging in the face. Unnatural colored hair for both boys and girls is not permitted. Hats may not be worn in the building


 Girls in Grades K-8 will wear Navy dress pants.  These pants MUST be purchased from the uniform stores, (Kramer’s, Flynn & O’Hara, or Triple Play).   This new policy also applies to shorts and capris worn until October 15th.

(NO JEANS OR CARGO PANTS) Girls should wear light blue golf shirts with CCCS insignia and a belt.

Shoes for both Boys & Girls

All black shoe or black sneakers (totally black with no decoration).  No Chuck Taylors or Ballerina shoes. Parents you must insist that your child follow this regulation.

Dark colored school shoes are permitted, such as; loafers, boat shoe, sturdy tie shoe.

Girls’ Hairstyles

Hairstyles should be neat and attractive.  Hair must be pulled back out of the face.  No extreme or color dyed hairstyles are permitted.  The administration reserves the right to determine what constitutes a hairstyle not in keeping with our dress code.   The principal will issue one warning for hairstyles if they do not meet CCCS standards.  Hats may not be worn in the building.


Jewelry – The only jewelry permitted is single post earring in each ear and a watch.  Children are asked to leave all rings and other type of jewelry at home.  No upper ear, nose jewelry, eye brow, or tongue jewelry.

Tattoos - visible tattoos are not permitted.

Nail polish is not permitted.  Students are also not permitted to wear nail tips or acrylic nails.

Gym Uniform - Boys and Girls

The gym uniform consists of navy blue sweat pants, gray tee shirt with CCCS insignia and plain white sneakers.  During the winter the children may wear a gray sweat shirt with the CCCS insignia.   All gym clothing must have the CCCS insignia on it.   

Gym shorts may be worn on designated gym days until October 15th

They may not be worn after that date without the principal’s permission.  ONLY what has been specified here may be worn on gym day.  If the gym uniform is dirty or can’t be located, children must come to school in their regular school uniform.  Noncompliance with these regulations will warrant a demerit.  Three demerits will warrant a detention.

CCCS Summer Uniforms

Students may wear summer uniforms until October 15th.  Summer uniform consists of Bermuda Navy shorts or Capri pants for girls, Khaki dress shorts for the boys.  Navy blue golf shirt with school insignia for the boys and light blue golf shirt with school insignia for the girls and white sneakers for both the boys and the girls.  Children are to wear white sneakers without any colored decoration.

PLEASE NOTE:  Girls may not wear skorts or skirts.  We ask that parents please comply with this request.  If you do not wish to purchase dress shorts, your child may wear regular school uniform.  Dress uniforms and gym uniforms may be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara, Triple Play, or Kramers.



There will be opportunities during the school year for celebrations within the classrooms.  The principal must approve all parties. They may include but are not limited to the following events:

These celebrations will be held at the discretion of the classroom teacher.

  • Holiday celebrations

  • Parents may send in Valentine cards for each class member.  If one child receives a card – every child should receive a card.  A treat for the class may be provided at the end of the day.  No formal party – games, crafts, etc. – is involved.

  • Birthdays of children are always acknowledged in classrooms but formal parties are not given.  However, if you wish to send in a treat for the entire class for the child’s birthday, this is permissible.  Teachers must be notified in advance.  To avoid hurt feelings, invitations to private parties will not be permitted to be given out in school.

  • Please do not send in pizza, sandwiches, or food of this sort as a treat for a child’s birthday.  The Archdiocese of Philadelphia Food Services Division is responsible for providing a nutritious breakfast and lunch for CCCS children and we do not wish to interfere with their menu schedules.  THESE TYPES OF TREATS WILL BE REFUSED AT THE RECEPTION DESK.

Press Release

Throughout the school year, students are involved in activities or projects that may be newsworthy.  We enjoy publicizing the good things that happen at our school.  In these cases, the children’s pictures and names may be published in one of the local papers or on the Internet.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding these procedures, please notify the school in writing.  If it is your choice, we will make every effort to make sure that your youngster and/or work are not included in the media.


No fund-raising or product sales are permitted in school unless authorized by the principal.  These include the sale of any items by students or parents on school premises.  PLEASE ABIDE BY THIS REGULATION.  CHILDREN MAY NOT SELL CRAFTS OF ANY SORT IN SCHOOL.


All textbooks must be covered with commercial book covers or brown paper bag covers.  Parents are financially responsible for any damage, loss or theft.

AUP- Students in Grades seven and eight will be given the privilege of using Google Chrome Books for the purpose of accessing the internet and utilizing technology in their learning endeavors.  Please read the Acceptable Use Policy of CCCS, and sign to the acceptable use of the tool by your child.

Personal Property

Parents are requested to place the name of their child clearly on all personal items such as coats, jackets, book bags, etc.  Please encourage your youngsters to be responsible for locating any lost items.  Due to space constrictions, any lost items may be discarded after a number of days. This is done at the discretion of the building administrator.


Care should be taken when you approve of your child’s bringing valuable or irreplaceable items to school.  The school cannot be responsible for items that are lost, damaged or otherwise missing.  Please review school dress code.

Items Not Permitted In School:

  • Electronic games, pagers, IPADs, IPODs, MP 3 players, radios, CD players, headphones or electronic devices of any kind  are not permitted in school. CCCS will NOT be responsible for any stolen items.

  • Cell phones may be brought to school; however, they must be handed in to the homeroom teacher at the beginning of the day.  Children may not make any type of phone calls during the day unless approved by the administration.  Phones will be confiscated unless there is adherence to this rule.  Please refer to the Behavior Policy Book regarding this issue.

Discipline Policy

Please refer to the Principles and Procedures for Student Behavior for CCCS Students.

Conduct Mark

While the conduct mark on each report will be based on quarterly performance, the presence or absence of demerits and detentions will affect the mark.  Also, those children who consistently have an NI or U in conduct will lose school privileges during that report card period (dress-down day, class trips, school programs, etc.) Suspension warrants a “U” grade for the quarter during which the suspension takes place.

Before and After School Program

A before and after - school program will be staffed by Foundations, Inc.  All problems and concerns about this program should be discussed with the Head Teacher of this service.  All information regarding this program will be sent directly to you from Foundations. Foundations reserves the right to dismiss any student from this program for non-compliance to the policies and procedures of the program.


Conferences are mandatory for all parents at the beginning of the academic year.  Supplies, books, and other materials will be held until conferences are completed.


The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all CCCS employees to report suspected child abuse.  When teachers suspect child abuse, they are required to notify the school administration, who will designate the counselor to file a report of suspected abuse to the State Child Abuse Hotline (Childline).  School staff members are required to keep information regarding this report confidential. The school counselor, staff member, and administration discuss only on a need-to-know basis. Your child’s safety and your right to privacy are of utmost importance.

Right to Amend

The principal retains the right to amend the handbook for just cause.  Parents will be given prompt notification if changes are made.  

August, 2017

CCCS does not discriminate against any child – all are considered equal regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion or beliefs.

The signature sheets for the CCCS policy books will be sent in a separate mailing.  All parents are required to sign and return the signature sheets by the date on the September calendar.  If you do not have access to a computer, and need a hard copy of the policy books, you may request a copy of the policy books on the signature sheets at the time of your signature.

Christopher Columbus Charter School

2017-18 Calendar


August 29,30,31st                                            Professional Development

September 5,6,7,8th                                         Grades 1-8   1:30 dismissal

September 11th                                                First Day of Kindergarten – Foundations Begins

September 21st,22nd                                         Holidays – Rosh Hashanah

October 9th                                                      Holiday – Columbus Day

November 22nd                                                1:30 dismissal – NO Foundations

November 23, 24th                                          Holidays – Thanksgiving

December 8th                                                   Professional Development – no school for students

December 22nd-January 2nd                            Winter Break-School Resumes January 3rd


January 15th                                                     Holiday – Martin Luther King

February 16th and 19th                                     Holidays – Presidents Day

March 26th-April 2nd                                        Spring Break

May 7th                                                            Professional Development – no school for students

May 25 and 28th                                              Holidays – Memorial Day

June 8, 11, 12th                                                1:30 dismissal – June 12th – last day of school                                                          

The following days are 1:30 dismissal for Faculty Meeting – Foundations will not be effected.

October 27th                                        March 6th                                             April 27th

                   Please check your monthly calendar – these dates are subject to change.