Christopher Columbus Charter School
916 Christian Street
1242 S. 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147

A Title I School

Admissions Policy

CCCS Admissions Policy

CCCS is represented by a very diverse population with African-American, Asians, Hispanics, and a variety of ethnic Caucasian groups.  The school population and design shows that the wide diversity of the city youth can be served well at CCCS.  “The school’s classroom populations will reflect the local and global society in which we live, and which our children will be a part of in in the 21st century.”  (Original Charter Application, submitted in November, 1997.)

Admissions Methods

CCCS will provide an opportunity for all students in grades K-8 to register for enrollment.  The school admits students in 4 sections of each grade level for Kindergarten through Grade 8.  If applications exceed space available, the following selection process is used:

  • Children of parents on the Founding Board or current Board of Directors.
  • Children of staff members who agree to continue their active support and commitment to CCCS.
  • Siblings of students currently enrolled as CCCS students will be admitted before any new family applicants.
  • A student list according to grade level is kept on file.
  • Intent to register packets MUST be completed in order to be considered.
  • Kindergarten Intent to register forms are accepted up to January 31st.  Other Intent to register forms are accepted until May 31st.  CCCS lottery for Kindergarten will be held on March 2, 2017.  All parents are notified via mail if their child is accepted OR added to a waiting list.
  • Letters are sent immediately to those chosen in lottery to request a yes or no response to their acceptance.  Once received a letter will be sent asking that parents/guardians attend an open house in May where important information will be collected. Those who choose not to attend must have important information in by May 3, 2017.

  • Although not mandatory, the Initial letter also requests that if the child has an IEP to contact the office of the CEO in order for CCCS to meet with the parents and discuss a time to do a psychological evaluation. This evaluation is completed over the summer so an IEP can be written and updated in time for September.
  • Because CCCS has a very small turnover in other grade levels, selected applicants are notified by phone to see if they are interested in the opening.  If yes, they are accepted; if no, we move to the next child on the list.