The Pride Character Development Program

PARENT PRIDE:  The PRIDE PROGRAM is a Character Development program that you will hear about in each newsletter and calendar throughout the year ahead.  Together, the families, the school, and the community of CCCS will discuss and discover ways to help our young people to cope, to care for one another, and to take pride in who they are.

PRIDE Program encourages the partnership of parent, school, and community to foster healthy development for our children, and encourage their social, cultural, and moral upbringing.

It is also an anti-bullying program, set up to improve our students’ understanding of how important and significant are the power of words.  The PRIDE Program will discuss the themes of:  Personal Responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Dignity, and Excellence.

We will explore the meaning of the terms we use, and how powerful they can be in our everyday lives.  We will also have the students be active in this program by forming a student task force to prevent student bullying and decide ways to put an end to it in our school.  We will begin by assessing the school climate together as the students complete a survey of what they face in the school building each day.

Some of the other features will include:  PRIDEX Cards, that the students will carry with them.  The focus will be Community Involvement and Community Participation.  If a student is found to be participating or getting involved in the community, any staff member can ask for their PRIDEX card, and put their name in for ten points toward their class’s PRIDE points.  As you know from other years, the winning class in each building goes on a trip paid for with the funds from the dress down days.  The monthly winners also get parties and treats with those funds. 

The uniforms also count, as each student’s PRIDEX card is “filled” with 5 points each week toward the positive for the correct uniform.  The NTA in each building checks the uniforms each day.  The 5 points stay as long as the student is in the correct uniform.

Last but not least, the students will be able to have “Pause for PAWS” cards.  They allow a student to “pause” a discipline situation and give pause to everyone involved: teacher, aide, student…to stop and think over the circumstances and re-visit at another time.  Maybe, crisis avertedJ  They are allowed one per semester.  If not used, they may convert to 25 points at the end of the semester.

The assemblies this month are:
9th Street:  “Are you the King of the Jungle (JIM) or the cuddly on the cul de sac?” – an examination of how important it is to be welcoming on the playground.
13th street:  “13 Reasons Why Not”  -  Why Your Life is so Important – and Why you should NEVER Take it for Granted.

Both Sites will complete their surveys.  You will be able to find the surveys on line.


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