The Christopher Columbus Charter School ELL (English Language Learner) Program has a primary goal which states that all students, whose native language is not English, will become proficient in the English language and attain all academic standards set forth by the state of Pennsylvania in alignment with the Common Core Standards. Upon enrollment of a student, all parents/guardians are given the Home Language Survey to complete. If it is indicated that a language other than English is the primary language spoken in the home, that student is placed on a list to be evaluated via the W-APT to determine eligibility for ELL services. If a student is found to be eligible for services, parents/guardians are notified within thirty (30) days of eligibility determination and services begin. Instruction is given by a Pennsylvania state certified ESL Program Specialist. All students who receive ESL services receive instruction as part of the general education curriculum.  Students receive individual or small group instruction via pull-out services and/or in-class support. The ESL teacher confers regularly with the general education teachers, special education teachers, and reading specialists to ensure that all instruction is aligned to each individual student’s learning goals. The ESL teacher uses varied and sufficient materials, including technological aides. The ESL teacher is provided ample opportunity for professional development.

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The progress of ELL students is monitored using the following:
  • Benchmark materials from ELL components of the LEA’s Reading and Language programs
  • Locally created assessments aligned to individual goals
  • WIDA Access assessments
  • State Testing (PSSA)
  • Individual student portfolios
  • Classwork
  • Running Records
Quarterly progress reports are distributed to all ELL students to record progress and show individual strengths and weaknesses.

                      MANDATED WIDA ACCESS TESTING
The WIDA ACCESS assessments are administered to all students receiving ESL services in January/February of each school year. The assessments are administered online as required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

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                          ELL PROGRAM EXIT CRITERIA
Christopher Columbus Charter School ensures that the ELL Program Exit Criteria meets the Pennsylvania state requirements for exiting a student from ELL services. Exit criteria includes both required criteria and one additional criteria.  Exit criteria is as follows:
                                Required Criteria #1 and #2
Score of 5.0 on ACCESS for ELL’s Kindergarten assessment (accountability score) or for grades1-8, ACCESS for ELL Tier C assessment.                         
Score of BASIC on the current year PSSA ELA assessment.
                            Cut-off Score Flexibility Table
Grade Level                     ACCESS SCORE
     K                                No Flexibility scale
   1-5                                       4.6- 4.9
   6-8                                       4.7- 4.9
  • A score of PROFICIENT on the current year PSSA ELA assessment is required with flexibility scores for exit for students in grades 3-8.

  • Students in grades 1 and 2 must score 5.0 in EACH Domain on the W-APT in order to exit using Cut-off Score Flexibility.
All students being considered for exit from the ELL Program must meet the following Additional Exit Criteria:
  • Final grades of S (Satisfactory) or better in Core subject areas (Math, ELA, Social Studies, Science).

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All former ELL students are monitored for two years following dismissal from ESL services. Progress is monitored via the following:
  • PSSA scores
  • Local assessments
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Quarterly report cards
  • Portfolio assessment
  • Running records
  • Observation by ESL teacher
  • Conferencing between general education teacher and ESL teacher

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If a monitored, former ELL student is not making adequate progress or is not meeting academic standards, after supports and interventions have been put into place, re--classification back into the ELL Program is considered.  The parents/guardians of that student will be notified that evaluation will take place to determine that the student is eligible for re-admission to the ELL Program.  If a student is found to be eligible for re-classification, parents/guardians are notified and services begin.

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