Christopher Columbus Charter School
Title I Parent Involvement Policy

Christopher Columbus Charter School, in collaboration with our Parent Advisory Board and Strategic Planning Committee, has jointly developed and agreed upon this Title I Parent Involvement Policy.  The focal point of this policy is to encourage, foster and increase parental participation in the development and implementation of our school programs.  Our staff and parents are instrumental in creating a positive and nurturing climate for all students.   This will have a direct impact on our students meeting the school’s and state’s academic standards.
This Title I Parent Involvement Policy was devised by adhering to all Title I requirements and is a working document.  This policy is updated annually by utilizing the information given by our Title I parents and is available for both parents and community members to review in the parent student handbook and on the CCCS website; www.cccs.k12.pa.us.

I.Parent Involvement Meetings
  • Initial meeting to develop the policy and annual meeting to review and revise policy and compact as needed
  • Informational meetings during the year to keep parents informed and solicit suggestions/ideas from parents.
II.Parent Annual Meeting for Discussions and Information Dissemination
  • Parent Involvement Policy
  • Current Curriculum
  • Explanation of Parent’s Rights
  • Explanation of Title I Requirements and Guidelines
  • Home and School Compact
  • Spring Needs Assessment Survey
  • Any other information that is pertinent to Title I
III.Ongoing Communication Process for Parent’s Knowledge:
       These methods of communication will include the following information:
Explanation of Curriculum, forms of academic assessment, proficiency levels of students, state’s academic content standards, local assessments.
  • Individual Parent Conferences in August of new school year
  • Parent Report Card Conferences
  • Phone calls
  • School website and Facebook
  • PDE (Pennsylvania Department of Education) Website
  • Letters to Home via: VIP Thursday Folders, mail, email or postings on website and Facebook
  • Workshops
IV.Providing Materials and Training to Parents
  • In-house workshops; reading specialists and special education team
  • Technology information sessions
  • Pamphlets and videos
  • After School Club workshops
V.Solicit/integrate parent involvement strategies with local agencies, schools and programs
  • Special Education/Counseling Services
  • School District of Philadelphia Programs
  • Community Agencies
VI.Foster strong and productive parental involvement through:
  • Providing parents with opportunities to volunteer and participate in their child’s class and to observe classroom activities and to be chaperones
  • Provide parents with the appropriate information to obtain the mandatory background checks under Pennsylvania’s Child Protective Services Law
  • Providing various and flexible meeting times throughout the school year
  • Providing parent workshops on various academic/parenting topics
  • Provide take home materials and supplies to support learning
VII.Parents will be encouraged to improve and enhance their skills and gain information by:
  • Attending and participating in workshops
  • Attending August one on one teacher conferences
  • Attending Report Card Conferences
  • Attending the school wide meetings during the school year
  • Reading the letters, newsletters, web site and all other communication pieces
  • Communicating with the Parent Advisory Board members
VIII. Adoption
This policy was adopted by the Christopher Columbus Charter School’s Board of Trustees.

This Title I Parent Involvement Policy was devised in compliance with the Title I regulations and guidelines.  The goal of our Parent Involvement Policy is to actively engage our parents, in a collaborative effort with our, in the academic process and programs of our school for the sole purpose of improving student achievement.

                                                                                                                                Reviewed/Revised: October 2016
                                                                                                                                Amended: June 2017